Become a CELTA Certified Language Teacher

Will I be able to find a job in TEFL quickly?

Once you have completed the CELTA course successfully, you can teach here in Germany at private language schools, the EFL department of international schools and European schools. There are always schools that are looking for CELTA qualified teachers.

Candidates normally apply for jobs immediately after they have finished the course and most of them will find jobs quite quickly. There is a constant demand for CELTA qualified teachers, both in Germany and internationally, and Polyskills Frankfurt offers career advice and references to all its candidates.

Which countries can I go to?

This is the beauty of CELTA; you can go to almost every country on all five continents. The CELTA is by far the most accepted teaching qualification worldwide.

What kind of teaching work will I be offered?

Most teachers will work as a freelancer, especially when you prefer to work for language schools. Most teachers that work for international schools will get permanent contracts with – normally – a probation of two months.

Who will be my students?

The ‘A’ in CELTA stands for ‘Adults’ and you will be able to teach adults. However, thanks to the CELTA you will also be able to teach teenagers and young learners. Candidates that have passed the CELTA course will initially find themselves teaching Business English and General English to adults, teenagers and young learners. You may also be asked to teach so-called exam classes, to prepare students for the internationally recognised Cambridge exams, such as FCE and CAE. You may also prepare university students for the TOEFL or IELTS exam, which gives them access to university in English speaking countries.